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A web-based program that is most convenient way to learn about managing fatigue!
Fatigue Training Online for Drivers is specifically designed to educate drivers on the risks of fatigue and to provide them…
A web-based training program to educate shiftworkers about FRMS and managing fatigue! The training program is ANSI/API RP-755 compliant.
A web-based training program specifically designed to help supervisors understand, recognize and manage fatigue in the workplace. The training program…
Explore and learn to manage unrecognized costs, risks, and liabilities of shiftwork operations.
Ce guide vous donne de nombreuses informations que la plupart de vos collègues ont apprises à coup de tâtonnements et…
Practical Information and Tips to Help Nurses Meet the Challenges of Fatigue, Night Work and a Shiftwork Lifestyle
Understanding human limits in a world that never stops
Years of shiftwork wisdom capture in one booklet to help shiftworkers adapt to the demands of the shiftwork lifestyle
A fast-reading, inexpensive monthly newsletter filled with tips and ideas on how to help shiftworkers at home and on the…
A series of pamphlets highlighting shiftwork issues, packaged for easy distribution to work crews

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