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Ce guide vous donne de nombreuses informations que la plupart de vos collègues ont apprises à coup de tâtonnements et…
Recommendations and intervention programs for health concerns common in 24/7 operations
Human resources initiatives to improve morale and work/life balance for employees, improve production, and increase profits
Practical Information and Tips to Help Nurses Meet the Challenges of Fatigue, Night Work and a Shiftwork Lifestyle
Benefits and consequences of overtime, including optimum levels and effects on health and productivity
The Industry’s Only Comprehensive Benchmarking & Best Practices Report of their Shiftwork Practices (PDF)
More than 100 best practices tips for managers of shiftworkers
Understanding human limits in a world that never stops
Years of shiftwork wisdom capture in one booklet to help shiftworkers adapt to the demands of the shiftwork lifestyle
A fast-reading, inexpensive monthly newsletter filled with tips and ideas on how to help shiftworkers at home and on the…
A series of pamphlets highlighting shiftwork issues, packaged for easy distribution to work crews
Understanding your circadian rhythms

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